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5 Piece Kayaks and Rowboats

Denise Mai’s Client Appreciation Party

Video content is becoming an increasingly imperative endeavor for all businesses to undertake. Video creates a highly valuable experience to viewers as they build a visual relationship between your brand and the viewer. Video provides a sense of your brand’s identity, the type of language your company utilizes, and how you provide value to those you serve. If videos are done properly they can do a better job of communicating your vision than any blog post or standard website ever could.

Video and SEO
Considering that Google owns the video giant YouTube, videos on that site are given preferential treatment in how they rank and appear in search results. Simply posting videos to YouTube or any other social video sites massively increases the likelihood that your video content will be found by users searching for information related to your particular market, niche, product, or service. By not uploading videos to one of these platforms, you are missing out on massive marketing potential.

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