Golf Handicap Web Sites

Tried and Tested is now

Sandbagger Media has been providing handicap tracking websites to online golf fanatics for 10 years. Our software is so easy to use that there has been next to no need for support. Our first site the has well over fifteen thousand users with less than a handful of support calls and very few emails.

Mobile Golf Handicap Software
Best damn golf handicap calculator. So easy to use.
customizable mobile100x200 golfgroups
We can custom fit your golf handicap site requirements Mobile handicap web site ready Create groups to view your foursomes handicaps
The core Sandbagger Handicap tracking software can be integrated right into your current site for easy branding. Our handicap tracking sites can be designed for all mobile smart phones. Available in Play Store and Windows Store Sandbagger mobile apps. Option for golfers to create their own golf groups. Creating groups allows you and your Sandbagging golf buddies to see everyone’s handicap¬†before your round starts.

Handicap tracking system for wordpress

Sandbagger Media has made its easy to use golf handicap tracking system compatible with WordPress.
Integrate calculated handicap tracking right into your already existing WordPress site. Contact us for pricing

Check out a few of our sites golf handicap tracker wegolf group golf handicap calculator
The Sandbagger РThe original online golf handicap calculator. WeGolf.ClubGolf Handicap tracking for groups.

Handicap tracking technology

What is required

Sandbaggers handicap tracking software requires MySQL, PHP and a Web server.

  • MySQL – Free
  • PHP – Free
  • Apache for Linux – Free
  • or
  • IIS for Windows comes with most Windows operating systems

The majority of web hosting services provide all that is required to run Sandbagger Handicap tracking software.

We can integrate our golf handicap software right into your site and customize its functionality to fit your needs.