Setting up Build Automation Environment

Build Automation using Atlassian Bamboo

Thinking of automating your software product build system?  I would recommend a product made by Atlassian called Bamboo. All of the Attlasian products I have worked with have been worth their weight in gold. JIRA, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Confluence can all work together as a ticketing system, code repository, build automation and a place for all your documentation.


Atlassian Bamboo


  1. The Bamboo build automation server can be set up on a Linux machine, Mac or windows machine. Depending on your development environment I would recommend setting the Bamboo server up on a Linux machine in a server park. Not in AWS.
  2. Bamboo build agents. From personal experience I found that setting build agents up locally to be beneficial for easy access to install required build tools and scripts.