A Misconception of JIRA Service Desk

Having been an avid user of JIRA for 10 years and an ITSM JIRA Service Desk (JSD) implementation contractor for the last two I have witnessed that all clients have had a large misconception of the purpose and JSD and it’s functionality. What I am finding is clients are making everyone in the company a service desk agent so they are able to easily assign tickets to whoever they see fit. Atlassian loves this for JSD pricing is based on the number of Agents. JSD is a place to receive customer requests and communicate the status as the request to the customer. If an agent can resolve the request that is great but if the request needs to be escalated to say development the request should not be assigned to a developer but a linked issue should be created in the developers Jira project. Work should be done and tracked in the project the request is referring to not in the JSD project.